Grigori Grabovoi made this statement on March 11, 2020, in an interview with an Italian journalist, documented in an exclusive video that we propose in Preview.
The news is a sensational one, now that Italy and the whole world are looking forwards to finding a solution for the problem of Coronavirus. Days ago Juliet Bandiera, very experienced  journalist,  Rai author, had an  exclusive interview with the Russian scientist, and  had to manage a pieceof information that was as unexpected as challenging. “I had long heard about The Number sequences of Grabovoi –she reports – a method to rebalance the frequencies of the organism to bring it back to health; so I decided to ask Grabovoi for an opinion about Coronavirus, for an article I was writing for the journal “Medical Art”, which deals with integrated and natural medicines, which was scheduled to be published in the May 2020 issue. So I asked Luigi Stefano Candela, President of the Grabovoi Foundation, which is based in Switzerland, to give me a short video link, which I was also planning to publish online on the magazine’s website.
I thought I would have received a negative answer or , at least, I would have waited for a long time, since the character in question is considered – rightly or wrongly – a kind of “guru”, by a large number of people around the world. On 11 March last year, however, the interview was granted to me and I connected with Grabovoi, who, with the utmost naturalness, stated not only that he had already found the cure to eradicate the virus, but that he was ready to make it immediately available to science for regular experimentation. At this statement – adds the author of the interview – I naturally suspected that it could be yet another “boutade”, aimed at exploiting the general confusion and the urgent need to find a solution to a problem that involves us all, in spite of us, very closely. But for this very reason, perhaps, it would be worth investigating.”

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Born in Kazakhstan in 1963, Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi is an internationally renowned Russian scientist, expert in mathematics and systems mechanics, who for many years has collaborated with the world’s leading space agencies, thanks to his  proven clairvoyance, which allows him to remotely identify and solve the mechanical problems of aircraft orbiting the Earth (MIR and Shuttle Atlantis among the missions with which he collaborated). Thanks to these skills, which Grabovoi, however, regularly finds also through a scientific trial, he has gained a considerable reputation in the prediction of environmental disasters, also patenting technologies and methodologies applicable to the development of human potential (number sequences, reality control, PRK-1U devices and others). It should be remembered, however, that in 2008, following his candidacy in the Russian general election against Dimitri Medvedev, candidate supported by Vladimir Putin, Grabovoi has been the subject of an extensive slanderous campaign in Russia. Today he lives in Belgrade, collaborating with the Spanish space agency and continuing his research for the prevention and treatment of threats to the systems of human life on the planet.