GRIGORI GRABOVOI (Kazakhstan, 14.11.1963) is a Russian scientist and clairvoyant, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, doctor of technical sciences, academic, engaged throughout his career in various government programs especially in the field space technology.
Graduated in mathematics and mechanical physics, he was an academic in Russia and worked on important government and space programs.

A member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the International Academy for Social and Economic Development, he has devoted himself to the study of different disciplines such as philosophy, medicine and jurisprudence, with the aim of unifying the different fields of Human knowledge.

For the results of his scientific research, he was awarded the Silver Medal by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the “Peter the Great” Medal for the development of Science and Economics.

In 2008 he ran for the Russian presidential election, with the intention of leading the process of transforming consciences also in political terms. Since then it has been the subject of an extensive slander campaign by the Russian media.

His extraordinary
Since he was 5, Grabovoi has revealed an unusual intelligence, as well as natural qualities of clairvoyance and remote vision that have also favored him in his work as a researcher, showing him “the solution even before the problem.’ Emblematic cases in which he managed to remotely detect anomalies or technical defects in the engines of nuclear and space equipment, remotely solving failures and thwarting serious misfortunes.

Hundreds of people also claim, with authenticated testimonies, that they have received from Grabovoi timely remote diagnoses, as well as cures from very serious diseases in terminal condition, such as cancer and AIDS…. But there is also news of numerous cases of total replenishment of organs already surgically removed and even real post-mortem resurrections.

His thought
The teaching of Grigori Grabovoi fills the gap between science and spirituality. Assuming that it is consciousness that creates reality, Grabovoi supports and demonstrates that man, as an element of a universe in which everything is intrinsically connected, is able to interact with all the other elements of Creation,by the action of awareness. By evolving in consciousness, the human being can therefore allow his physical matter to assume spiritual and divine characteristics, keeping himself healthy and young forever,  making  any knowledge, faculty or potential effective(i.e. bringing it into the present)  and controlling reality, as well as the individual events of life.

In Grabovoi’s  thought  there are no impassable limits for the human being who achieves the maximum development of  his consciousness and, consequently, even words such as self-healing, physical regeneration and immortality are not abstract concepts, but concrete possibilities, already available to every human being here and now.

Starting from his scientific and spiritual discoveries, Grabovoi has devised very advanced practices and technologies that everyone can easily learn and use for the development of his own consciousness, access to the infinite information field, healing, problem solving, controlling events, and the very immortality of the physical body. These include the numerical sequences, which transpose in mathematical terms the frequencies of the norm of any living organism, acting on the brain waves and bringing back in harmony the unbalances of the body, mind and spirit, restoring the originary state of health. Even more recent is the invention of a portable quantum device, called PRK-1U, which anyone can use to speed up and enhance the process of controlling reality.
His works
Grabovoi is the author of hundreds of scientific, educational and spiritual works recorded at the Office of Copyright of the United States Congress Library, relating to the structuring of consciousness and spiritual development, the prevention of disasters, bio-information healing and the total recovery of the human organism and any living matter. Among his main books there are: “The resurrection and eternal life are our reality today!”; “Unified system of knowledge”; “Information-creating field application structures”, “Number sequences for psychological harmonisation”, “Regeneration of the human organism through concentration on numbers”. “Numbers for success in business”, “Regeneration of the human organism through concentration on numbers”, “Concentration on numbers for food” … “, “Manifestations of eternity.”


“The main goal of all my activities is to ensure eternal life for all even in the physical body.”
“Critical mass can be reached relatively quickly. When a large number of people have transcended this reality, applying my teaching, the new reality will assume the stability necessary for the salvation of all.”
“We must understand that life is eternal in itself, and that when the evolution of consciousness is calibrated upon it, then this qualitative level of existence becomes accessible to everyone”
“The main task of new medicine is the immortality of every human being.”

“The infinite future, which represents a higher energy level than we know, sends a huge flow of energy to the present, so the so-called quantum leap, understood as a very high-intensity energy level, will involve inevitably all of humanity. therefore we need prepare ourselves in order to afford this great change that awaits us.”

“The combination of divine spiritual action with the available technologies thus makes eternal life achievable.”
“The world can be controlled by the action of man’s consciousness, his soul and his spirit.”
“The more people will consciously participate in this process of change, with their own personal goodwill, the easier a joyful social system will be generated, which will benefit from a new and special quality of joy, benevolence, good disposition towards others. Objectively it will be a different social system, at the qualitative level, which will produce excellent results and good events.”
“Anyone who joins this work will make a very important and priceless contribution to the concrete realization of eternal life, which is ultimately the priority of us all.”
“As life has been given to all for eternity. Anyone, at any time, can access the knowledge needed to live forever.”
“Anyone can find in himself the answers he needs.”
“I suggest that you include the practice of eternal life in your “study plan.” Just as we have been going to school since childhood, and then moving on to higher education, we need to practice this new special knowledge, dedicating time to it every day. This is the necessary vital level to ensure people to get what they need most, which is, first of all, developing their own skills.”

What they say about him
and his theories

Roy Martina, doctor, researcher, lecturer and author of international best sellers

“Russians have a degree of advancement in some areas of research that we do not even dream of. They are working on the physical immortality of the human being. If we’re in elementary school about these new frontiers of science and thought, they’re already in college, so I’ll take time to learn more about their teachings.”

Rossana Becarelli, physician, philosopher and anthropologist

“The exploration of numerical sequences to induce frequency changes in the order of matter certainly finds a foundation in the great tradition that proceeds from Pytagoric knowledge to the Fibonacci sequence. Grabovoi probably has access to the contemplation of additional universes, the encoding of which he understandably translates into numerical symbols.”

Diego Ciriello, rehabilitative therapist, bio-resonance expert

“I know Grabovoi’s theories and techniques I have attended some courses on the control of reality, numerical frequencies, creative visualization, and so on. Personally I have had positive experiences, especially with controlling  techniques, but I have also got to know people who have benefited greatly for their health using number sequences. As a researcher I am not closed to any hypothesis, indeed, soon I will test in my study a new technological device designed by Grabovoi, which is not yet on the market and that intrigues me very much.”

 Angela Volpini, secular mystic

“The idea that man can live forever even in his own physical body  is much more than just a theory. In my mystical experience I have been able to observe just how the human being is biologically designed to live forever in his physical body , forever remaining remain in a condition of health, fullness and happiness on this earth.”

Valdo Vaccaro, philosopher, economist and naturopath

“Grabovoi is a master of new techniques and an icebreaker that opens new gateways for us.  At last here we have a strong and liable person, able to blow up all this old light of beliefs and dogmas, someone who can combine spirituality and concrete facts with scientific theories and who has the courage and the innovative spirit not to adapt and not to give up.”

Paola Amail, naturopath and president of the Valdostana Theosophical Society

“I deeply believe that Grabovoi’s idea  that all the potential is inside ourselves is true. As for the number sequences, let’s say I’m still experimenting with them. And so far the results have been encouraging. But if it were just a simple placebo effect, it wouldn’t affect the effectiveness of these techniques.”

Sergio Signori, internist doctor, expert in spontaneous healing

“I don’t know if it is possible to live forever in our physical body as Grabovoi says, but it is certain that we know only a small part of what we could do. Nature already provides the self regeneration  of the body for some animals, such as lizards, maybe it could be provided for men,too.  I am therefore more and more certain that, even if we believe  we made so much progress, we are only at the beginning of the journey of knowledge of our faculties.”

Juliet Flag, journalist and writer

“what is most interesting in Grabovoi is his joining the scientific knowledge and the spiritual one. And even if his theories were unfounded, I think they still have the great merit of creating a new thought-form based on the infinite human possibilities, including the overcoming of physical death, which basically has always been our greatest dream. Consciousness creates the reality in which we live, giving it form and substance. I am therefore convinced that believing that we are eternal is the only possible way to become immortal, even on the material level, albeit at different frequencies, to overcome the problem of a terrestrial physical space too limited to contain us.”

Arcadij Petrov, Russian scientist

“Grabovoi has simply created a new reality in the field of knowledge, in which science and religion do not conflict in the foolish effort to monopolize the truth, but they join together  to reach it.”